Ecosystem dynamics and
Forest management in
Mountain landscapes

We study the dynamics of ecosystems and harness an improved understanding of ecological processes for sustainable forest management.


 Ecosystem dynamics investigates how nature changes in space and time. We combine different methodological approaches – from empirical work to remote sensing approaches and simulation modeling – to assess changes in ecosystems, identify their causes, and quantify their impacts. These insights provide the foundation for the development of robust ecosystem management approaches, aiming to sustainably provide a wide variety of ecosystem services to society and safeguarding the integrity and diversity of ecosystems in a changing world.

 A focus of our work is on mountain landscapes. The steep climatic gradients, high biological diversity and varied societal demands make issues of ecosystem dynamics and management of particular relevance in mountain landscapes. We work in close cooperation with Berchtesgaden National Park, and contrast its ecosystem dynamics to other landscapes (e.g., actively managed areas and landscapes in the plains) and embed it into the larger biogeographical context.