Forest Disturbances and Ecosystem Dynamics in a Changing World

An international symposium at the Berchtesgaden National Park, Germany, September 2022


We hereby warmly invite you to mark your calendars for next year's symposium Forest disturbance and ecosystem dynamics in a changing world. The conference will take place at Berchtesgaden National Park - Germany's only Alpine National Park. Founded in 1978, the park includes 210 square kilometers of protected mountain landscapes, forests, lakes and river systems, including the iconic Watzmann Mountain.

The symposium will circle around four main topics: (1) Past, present and future forest ecosystem dynamics, (2) Forest disturbance impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem services, (3) Forest ecosystem management in a changing world, and (4) Novel approaches in studying forest disturbances and forest ecosystem dynamics. To maximize personal exchange, the symposium will be organized as poster-only symposium, accompanied by eight enlightening keynote presentations and topped off by a field trip to the national park.


Kristina Anderson-Teixeira (Smithonian Institution)
Nicholas Coops (University of British Columbia)
Lara Kueppers (University of California Berkeley)
Catalina Munteanu (Humboldt University of Berlin)
Juli G. Pausas (Universitat de València)
Andreas Schuldt (University of Göttingen)
Josep M. Serra-Diaz (AgroParisTech)
Monica G. Turner (University of Wisconsin Madison)

Abstract submission and fees

Abstract submission will open January 2022. The registration fee is 350 Euros per person, including coffee breaks, lunches, icebreaker, conference dinner, and the excursion to the national park.

Venue and accommodation

The symposium will take place at Haus der Berge (house of the mountains) - the National Park's official visitor center. You can reach the symposium venue by foot from downtown Berchtesgaden (approximately 10 minutes). Berchtesgaden is a popular tourist attraction and we thus recommend booking your accommodation early. We will pre-reserve enough rooms for all symposium attendees and let you know how to book them soon.

Field Trips

We will offer three field trips with varying topics:

(1) Forest disturbances and forest dynamics
(2) Forest disturbances and conservation management
(3) Forest disturbances in a cultural landscape

The field trips will include some moderate hiking. If you intent to join one of the field trips, please bring sturdy shoes, rain gear and a small backpack to carry your lunch. Transportation to/from the symposium venue to the hikes will be organized!

 For any inquiries please contact Dr. Cornelius Senf